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Kot Sultan is a small City of District Layyah
which is situated at the south area of District Layyah
on the eastern bank of the INDUS river. Its total population
is about 50,000. Coming from Layyah to Multan about
21 km after Kharal Azim the Kot Sultan started
first link road is Shah Sultan road which is leading to Indus River in the west along with it there is gravyard and lying there great saint “Shah Sultan” a lot of devotees come here daily and speacily on Thursday called (Jumarat) after that there is PTCL exchange then the Kot Sultan’s grand Hotels called "Chaudry Hotel", in the west and "Pakistan Hotel" at the oppoisit side after that Adda Machi Wala, wellcome you a short road leads to “John Private Hosptal” which is practied by “Dr. Syed Faqeer Hussain Shah” well known is Operation he is also a Ticket Holder of PPP (Pakistan Peoples Party )as an MPA. In the west there is “Imam Bargah” Ahla Tushio lived here from 1 to 10th Mohram there heldss Majalis. A short road leads “Al Hussain Sergical Private Hospital” which is practied by “Dr. Iqbal Hussain Dasti”.Beside it Govt Hospital but now it is now promoted as THQ in auguration has been made but no progress is seen. Near the boundry of Hospital ancient graveyard is on the both sides of the road in the eastren side a great saint is “Tevenra” some people belive that if the first milk of special cows, buffalos will be given there then there cows and buffalos will give more milk.In the westren side link road is Shaikh Sahib road which is leading to Indus River there is gravyard and lying there great saint “Shaikh Qul Ahmad Nori Hozori ” a lot of devotees come here daily and speacily on Thursday called (Jumarat) to light (Deva) and annual Urs is held on 7th, 8th, 9th July.On the opposite side of the said graveyard there is a Qadeemi Eid Gah under the leader ship of Qazi Ghulam Farid and the countribution of people a beautiful & large Eid Gah is being constructed. It is also a Janaza Gah.The majority of the people in Kot Sultan are native speakers of Seraiki a language, although Urdu is widely spoken. The medium of education is Urdu and English. There are main castes as  , Syed, Manjotha, Jam,Gurmani Tangwani, Sergani, Arain,,Khirani, Potters, Shakh, Dasti and Wanjhara & Sahu Malik ,Jam,Manjotha, Syed & Baloch are in majority. The small city is basically Agricultural,with the Major Products being Cotton, Wheat and Sugar Cane and green Chilli (Hari Mirch)& Citrus Fruits & Dates. There is a one Grid Station near Qandhari Wala away from 03 Km North of City and Electricity availability: 40.62%.It has Water Purification Plant and THQ Hospital and Safe Drinking Water Access 30.96%. There is a Police Station which eara is very long but nefry is very small. There is also exist Railway Station.Kot Sultan is small town but literacy rate is very high Education 35% male and 20% female.
Climate & Soil
Climate & Soil of Kot Sultan has extremely hot climate. Maximum temperature in the summer goes up to 50 degree Celsius. The temperature in winter is low.
1. Savail Welfare Society, running by Young man and doing their job very well. Main office Near UC (Union Council)
There are no Major Industries like Cotton Ginning & Pressing, Flour Mills, Oil Mills and Sugar.
Education in its broadest sense is any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character of an individual. In its technical sense education is the process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills & values from one generation to another.
Education Institutions
Government Educational main Institutions in Kot Sultan as:-
Govt. Post Graduate College Kot Sultan (Boys)

  • Govt. Post Graduate College Kot Sultan (Girls)
  • Govt. Institute of Commerce Kot Sultan (GIC) for boys
  • Govt. High School Kot Sultan (Boys)
  • Govt High School Kot Sultan (Girls)
  • Govt Middle School No 1
  • Govt Middle School No 2
  • VTI Vocational Training institute
Private Educational Institutions in Kot Sultan
  • Shaheen Inter Science Academy 
  • Scholor Science Academy  

  • Ghazali Science Academic
  • Sir Sayed Academic (Principal Syed Akhtar Shah)

  • The Central College of Commerce 
  • The Rise Science Academy
  • Zakria Science Academy Kot Sultan 
  • Shaheen Inter Science Academy 
  • Kainat College of Commerce (Principal Ch. Muhammad Irshad)
  • Al Baroni Science Academic 
  • Khyber College of Commerce (Principal Akhtar Wanjhara)
  • Shaheen Ideal Public School (Principal Ch. Muhammad Hussain)
  • Hashmi Lasni Public School (Principal Ghulam Murtaza Hashmi)
  • Muslim Science Academic (Principal Mahar Saeed Ahmad)
  • Grassan Middle Public School (Principal Malik Muhammad Aslam)
  • Grassan Crammer Public school (Principal Malik Muhammad Aslam)
  • Zakria Grassan Public School (Principal Malik Muhammad Aslam)
  • Al Shahta (English Medium)   (Principal Qazi Muhammad Sohil) 
  • Astral Public School Near Khurshid Shah Park
  • City Public School (Principal Jam Abdul Majeed)
  • Askari Public School (Principal Malik Fida Hussain)
  • Sundar Public High School 
  • Allied School
  • Little Angel 
  • Children Public School 
  • Safe Drinking Water Access: 28.96%
  • Electricity availability: 30.62%
  • Main Crops Sugarcane, Wheat, Cotton, Gram and Guar seed.
  • Main Fruits Citrus and Dates.
  • Main Vegetables Onion, Green Chilli (70% of the whole production in Pakistan) & Potatoes
  • No. of Grid Stations 1
  • No. of Telephone Exchanges 1
Punjab is a land of five major rivers Indus river , Chenab river , Sutlaj river ,Jehlam river and Ravi at a distance of about 10 km in the west of kot sultan Indus river is flowing there in the summer season 2010 flood came in almost all rivers of Pakistan due to melting of glaciers in the Northern
Areas of Pakistan as there is lack of Dames in Pakistan and old ones can not store water because they are full of sand and are very old which can not bear pressure of much water going to Indus river in west of Kot Sultan about 3 km far from kot sultan a deep and big stream which is called " Cheetah " locally, (which is a stream of Indus river) flood came in this stream which destroyed all the crops of gold producing land of western Kot Sultan , in this season the crops of cotton and rice were cultivated this flood water was stopped at the flood protection bund present about 500 meters away from Kot Sultan City as this flood was of a lower level but it ruined crops , animals , houses of worth 10 to 15 million rupees after this flood people got frightened.
On 2nd august 2010 as the water level started to rise in Indus river flood in came in the western part of kot sultan which started to move towards kot sultan city. As this flood came suddenly due to rise in water level of Indus River,
People were not expecting this, but when it came it caused a lot of loses many people whit their families struck in water the water level roes up to 60 ft due to backwardness of this area relief squads came very late, people started work at their own In this time many people Including children and female died. People of affected areas migrated to City Kot Sultan. The Government of Punjab make good decision before like Punjab Government make a big schedule that all Government Teachers made their duties in Government School & Colleges and made the refigures Camp and all affected families lived there after few days when water reached near to City Kot Sultan people of city got frightened at night due to a roumer that someone is trying to cut the bund as the Bund is very old but it that present condition was very poor but it was only a roumer at that time rains also started. when the water level was more than 70 ft administration cut the bund at the point of kundi with the help of Pak Army after this generous people of Kot Sultan help out the people by providing them food, shelter etc.
After this some NGO’S came in the field with the help great young man of Kot Sultan they did good work all people appreciated but some NGO’s like Red Crescent Society, as there are " Black Sheep " in every department, the workers of RCS sold out the token from rupees 2500 to 3000 per token in this situation affected families can’t benefit from these NGO’s instead of to give these token to needy family but no one took the notice.
After 4 months people are back in their homes the Punjab Government has provided the free fertilizers and seed of wheat.